Patient and family information for cancer treatment - Washington DC

My friend, Susan McCorkindale, lost her husband to cancer earlier this year. She works now to help other families facing a cancer diagnosis.

"Please help me spread the word regarding a free symposium Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Washington DC is hosting next week. The dates are December 1-3, and the most valuable day of the symposium -- to cancer patients, care givers, and family members -- is Saturday, December 3rd from 8am-1pm. The topic that day is Navigating Cancer Care: What Every Patient Should Know."

So many families come to advocacy from personal experience - as Susan and I both have. Nothing spotlights the isolation and desperate need for good information like being socked with a life-threatening diagnosis. I wish neither of us had to come to that, and yet I know both of us feel a responsibility to give back and reach back to others - we KNOW how important good clinicians and good science are.


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