One family looking for help

Paying for treatment for an eating disorder - in some countries - is an enormous additional burden to a family already struggling with "how, with whom" as well.

There is no way to help everyone, but it touches my heart when people reach out on the behalf of others:
Hi Laura! I wanted to contact you, I am a part of the around the dinner table forum, although i do not post much anymore as my daughter has been in recovery for quite awhile now (AMEN!!) But I wrote to for a friend in desperation. Her daughter, Sarah, has struggled with an eating disorder for awhile now. She started with anorexia as a teenager and her mother helped her recovery through FBT. Sarah is now struggling with severe bulimia and is desperatly trying to recover but is unable to stop the binge purge cycle, she is 22 years old, still young but in a hard place with the changes of becoming a young adult. She has agreed to go into treatment to stop the binge purge cycle and get on track and hopefully learn to cope with being an adult now, and then her mother plan to have her come live home for awhile and help her in her journey through FBT and support. The problem is that Sarah's insurance company will not help for treatment past 1 or 2 weeks at this point, they have done multiple appeals and even hired an attorney with no luck. Sarah and her mother are both drained and feel defeated. Sarah and some supportive friends started a fundraiser for her through give it forward. They are having trouble getting people aware of it and getting donations because she has been so isolated throughout her illness. I was wondering if I could pass the link along to you to try and get some more donations going on. They have made a short term goal of 5,000 because that will be enough to at least get her started at treatment and then the goal will be raised once she can get there to hopefully keep her there for a sufficent amount of time. Here is the link.     
Also, thankyou so much for everything you have done and continue to do, it has certainly helped me and helped sarah and her family.


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