'Treme' season premiere: No vampires or incest, but the music - the music!

I've never had a show before. You know, the kind of show you wait all week for, tape, watch over again. I've never analyzed IMDB over a show, learned the backgrounds of all the actors, Googled for reviews. I've not ever begged friends to watch a show, or stayed up past 10 to watch ANYTHING.

Treme, however, is my show. I even joined a Facebook page about it. I compulsively "like" everything HBO wants to say about it (always too tepid for my taste) in some vain hope that I can keep it from being cancelled. I whined for nine months since the first season ended.

Someone who knows New Orleans dissed Treme as inauthentic and instead of feeling bad about being a fan I have crossed that person off my Christmas list. So there.

I was so upset about a character dying that I can't forgive the guy who plays him - I never will. In weird coincidence, my husband walked by the actor the very next day after that aired, in the streets of New York, and I was annoyed that he didn't go shove him. He said he couldn't think of anything to say to the poor guy but "you made my wife cry last night." I know he didn't really leave his kid and wife behind, I know he didn't write the scene, and I know that it was as it should be for the story, but.

(** added: The saddest part of this anecdote is that I experienced inexplicable relief the guy is alive. Then mad that HE gets to walk around New York and Creigh doesn't.)

That's hooked.

It's not for everyone. In fact, it is for just exactly how many fans it needs to get renewed and not one more, thank you. I love Treme but if it gets too popular I'll be dismayed. This review, in particular, sums it up: "Hey, if it’s possible to enjoy a show about giant wolves and hottie twincest and ice zombies and wigs, isn’t it also possible to enjoy a show about good music, good food, and the death and life of an American city?


  1. I have had quite a few shows like that :/ The X Files (back in the days of yore!), House, Doctor Who and Torchwood. I am apparently a sci-fi geek with either hypochondria or a crush on Hugh Laurie! Actually that's pretty accurate...

  2. I once fell for a show like that. It was called 'American Gothic' and I fell so hard that I joined an on-line fan club (this was pre-facebook). When the show was not renewed for a second season, we became activists -- sending impassioned letters to the stars, writers, tv network, anyone who could save the show. We had t-shirts made. We wrote fan fiction after the show went off the air, continuing the lives of the characters...your post brought all that back. I really miss American Gothic. And I am glad that I haven't fallen for a show like that again!


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