Committing the Humblebrag

Have Facebook or Twitter or a tap-happy email account?

You may be a Humblebragger: Humble brag.

My daughter told me when I first got on Facebook that there are really only two activities: bragging and stalking I've tried to add "affirming" but she laughed - "that's just bragging about stalking, mom."

But really, this sums it up: "What I hate about a humble brag is that people try to come off like they aren't bragging. It's people not being honest about their intention. Just tell us you are at an exclusive party. Don't hide it behind a complaint about your dress not fitting."

My husband turned me on to the Humble Brag, and we both were in stitches - and chagrin - as we analyzed ourselves. Yep, some humblebragging going on - it's hard not to. Yet once you recognize what a humblebrag is, it becomes harder to do any more - at least consciously - and I think if we banned it the Internet would collapse in on itself in a little heap of blushing chagrin. If humility falls in the forest and no one hears it, was it humble at all?


  1. I just twitted this! Funny site...I have been guilty of many a humble brag myself.

  2. Guilty! At least on FB, I'm guilty as charged of Humble brag. But nothing bothers me more (ok, some things do) than the self-righteous comments that fill the passing minutes on the Twitter log, by foodies, RDs and fitness buffs, all in the the name of helping others. Ugh!
    Thanks for making me more aware of my own Humble brag!

  3. Laura, what have you done? I can't stop reading it!


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