Relapse prevention

I'm so excited about a new tool just posted to the F.E.A.S.T. site: Relapse Prevention Contract by Advisor Dr. Stephanie Milstein. I've watched too many families over the years do the heroic work of getting a loved one recovered and then things going downhill during transition to college, living away from home, or moving away from the home community. ED likes to use these times to find cracks to crawl back in, and I believe the best way to prevent that is with a clear plan - no tiptoeing around or shyness.

The contract is wonderful because it can be adapted by the patient and treatment team and family to set up goals, expectations, tools, and monitoring. Keeping everyone 'on the same page' LITERALLY, as a patient moves forward into healthy life!


  1. I really like the document :)

    Grief, that must be my shortest comment EVER!

  2. That is a mighty, mighty document--one that my d and I will be discussing over leftover turkey this weekend. Perfect timing! Thanks, SuperT!

  3. Wow Laura , this is awesome. I am going to print this for my daughter and our team. It is so complete and clearly spelled out. Thank you Stephanie, you are a gift!


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