Burn the spring chicken!

As a former English teacher in Taiwan, this made me howl:  May I take your order?

It's even funnier if you read Chinese - which I used to be able to do pretty well but only have a squinting familiarity with these days. Use it or lose it, clearly.

This menu is like someone (and I don't doubt it) ran the individual words through an online translator, had the eldest son of the family - the one they sent to school in the US for a year - edit it, then scanned the written words with a character recognition program.

And then had some drunk Americans come in and have a free meal while they "corrected" it. Don't ask me why I know the last scenario.


  1. Ah, a friend and I laughed ourselves to tears over this the other day and agreed we wanted some "cowboy leg".

  2. I laughed so hard! You have to read the whole thing to get the full effect. The only thing I could possibly eat from this menu would be the Coke (Coca Coca). I definitely don't want the "Man fruit braise the north almond" or anything else.

  3. I was sitting by my computer, mute, with tears running down my face. The girls came to share it with me and we all ended up a heap on the floor, catatonic with laughter.

    The best medecine in ages.


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