Lemons from the Internet

So, somewhat mortifying experience this week. Sent out my first F.E.A.S.T. newsletter using our new integrated website and turns out a significant percentage of our members never got it. Don't know why and the web host doesn't either.

So I sucked it up and wrote to everyone the old fashioned (email) way, and asked to hear from those who didn't. They keep rolling in... I hate it. It doesn't feel good to have a very public snafu, but I'd rather know than not know.

But here's the lemonade: Everyone has been so kind. And I'm hearing from lots and lots of members who did and didn't get the newsletter and with the answers are also coming lots of updates from families. I'm hearing about treatment progress and recoveries and families who are ready to move on to other interests, too.

THAT's the goal. All this work isn't about a nice website or technical perfection. It is about real families getting support and information and their kids getting better - and the lovely community of families trying to help.

As chagrined as I am about the newsletter problem, I'm accepting imperfection with as much grace as I can. It helps a lot to be connected with all these wonderful, wonderful families. Thank you all for the patience, kind words, and encouraging stories!!


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