Canadian eating disorder charity donation through Facebook challenge

Elise, a volunteer for the Looking Glass Foundation in Canada is putting out the word on a Pepsi grant possibility. With enough votes, Pepsi will donate $5000 to The Looking Glass Foundation.

"This link will take you to the PepsiCanada On-Campus Facebook Gallery. You must click "allow", and then click to "like" Pepsi. Vote for Elise Slaughter's Looking Glass Foundation photo.

Any with Facebook can vote, and they can vote once per day, every single day until December 10th. This is a very realistic goal, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. I realize you do not advertise on your website or blog, and my goal is not to advertise for PepsiCanada. I am trying to use any means necessary to help those struggling in Canada."

Note: PepsiCanada will ask for access to your Facebook profile to allow you to vote.


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