When your family doctor labels your child "obese"

I'm very concerned about what I see as a well-meaning but intellectually under-powered trend in pediatric care that Katja Rowell explains so well: don't let your child's doctor label your child "obese"


  1. Hey, I stumbled across your blog today and read this post, I just wanted to share something that was relating to it, mainly to get it off my chest and let you know I agree so much.
    I had been best friends with a girl for 4 years, when I met her she was "a little pudgy", didn't bother with make-up and played softball.
    Well one day she went in for a yearly physical and the doctor told her she was "overweight" and could "stand to lose a few pounds." I of course didn't hear about this until she was deep into her eating disorder and she told me that just the way the doctor said it just set her off. Keep in mind, this girl was about 16 at the time and not obese by anyones standards.
    Over the next few year I saw her morph into someone I didn't recognize. She lost 50+ pounds in the space of about 4 months, she was blowing me off to go to the gym, started wearing make-up, dropped out of soft ball, self injuring and just had changed so much.
    When I tried to help (I've personally struggle with an eating disorder myself so I believe I was the first to notice) she pushed me away, or promised she would talk to someone. She never did, not really.
    After awhile I realized that I didn't even know this person that I called my best friend anymore. She had pushed me away because I was trying to recover and trying to help her also.
    It kills me. Absolutely kills me.
    I think doctors should just watch what they say sometimes.



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