Getting our children back

I'll probably never be comfortable with seeing myself on film, but share this with you anyway. June Alexander is, in my opinion, changing the narrative of eating disorder treatment. She is bringing excellent journalism, brave families and patients, cutting edge and effective clinicians, and a fine story-telling talent to a field that is struggling for all of the above!

Interview with Susan Ringwood from June Alexander on Vimeo.

LAURA COLLINS from June Alexander on Vimeo.


  1. I really enjoyed watching these videos - and yes, I now remember you well Laura :) You look great on video by the way.

    I have had the pleasure of:

    1. Talking to June over the telephone for about 90 min before EDIC in regard to a forthcoming book she is writing.
    2. Meeting June over a cappuccino while in London - and at the Family Day.
    3. Having now read June's book "My Kid is Back" - which I agree is excellent.

    I think the patient/person narrative is so very important - because it makes the illness of AN (and other EDs) so much more 'human' than the clinical research papers. The latter, although informative, can make one feel 'de-humanised' - like a collection of psychiatric labels. I always maintain: I am not AN/ASD/OCD/depression; these labels are not my identity. Rather, I am a human being who struggles with these difficulties.

    I also agree TOTALLY about the front cover of the aforementioned book. A pair of sneakers/trainers for a book about about EDs is such a wonderful change from the over-used illustrations of the matchstick person, or the person staring at themselves in the mirror...

  2. the first one had messy audio. I loved the second clip. You are wonderful on screen! You are calm, reassuring, open. Your energy is healing. Thank you!

  3. I love the shoes too - still dislike the title but the shoes are great. Did June's son take the videos?

  4. Yes, it's a family business!

  5. That was what I loved about June - although her first book features children only, she herself is testament to the importance of involving family and to the possibility of recovery (dodgy word I know) at any age. She is giving a radio talk next week entitled "It's NEVER too late to recovery from your eating disorder" which should be well worth listening to.
    Marcella - who can't sign in at the moment


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