The only failure

I'm at Lobby Day activities in Washington DC today, and noting again the wisdom shared by the community at Around the Dinner Table, this bit from "Neverloseheart:"
Hello Yorksbelle, Just a quick note to send support to you! EDs are difficult illnesses! Though we parents can sometimes feel guilty if our d's need inpatient care, please remember that you are ensuring your d receives care and that is the most important thing! Your d will get better if you are persistent and don't give up! For us, we had 7 hospitalizations in the first 7 months (suicidal X5, ED X2)--I felt pretty awful at first but after awhile I realized that the only failure would be failure to keep her safe.

Looking back on this now, with a new team in place and my d well into the process of recovery, I don't feel like a failure at all! She was just too sick to be at home. I also realized I wasn't getting the professional advice, support and medications to help her stay safely at home.

As long as you hang in there with your d and use all the resources you have available, you ARE helping your d to recover. Think of it as any other type of project, if you are in charge of the project, your job is to make sure that it gets done and not necessarily to do it all yourself!! If some parts of the project require some assistance, well, it would be wrong NOT to get the help.

Best wishes and (((((hugs))))) to you and your d during this tough time!!!


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