Front row to history, wearing the right shoes

I was, literally, in the front row at the Press Conference at the U.S. Capitol yesterday morning to witness the introduction of the FREED Act in the Senate. History in the making.

EDC Lobby Day 2010. One day, five appointments at Congressional offices, one Press Conference, one Congressional Briefing, four dashes across the breadth of the Capitol, countless staircases, five times through security. Do my feet hurt? Only a little more than every bone in my body, thank you.

Met a Senator! Had the honor of thanking two wonderful moms (Wendy and Judy) in person for what they do for the parent community. Saw so many people that I already admire and enjoy: like Chevese, Kathleen, Jeanine (met the baby!), and of course Kitty "Woo-Hoo" Westin, Shannon "Congress today, CNN tomorrow", Gail, Cindy, Joe "The word is outrage," and Eileen (whose charming son saved me a mile and half stumble!).

Met a "friend" I hadn't yet "met" in person and so glad: Leslie.

My team from VA was OUTSTANDING in their teamwork and stamina and passion: Matt "Stairmaster," Carrie "Frost your cupcake," Lisa "I've got the numbers and know how to use them," Kimberly "Birthday, schmirthday: we've got a bill to pass.", and Elizabeth "Today. Priceless." The other Virginia team led by the marvelous Ashley came in beaming and with good news.

Special shout-out to Beth "Line? What line? We have official business here!"

The speakers at the morning Press Conference were outstanding and set the marvelous tone for the whole day, and the briefing at the end of the day had it all: urgency, action, and hope. Not to mention extemporaneous content straight off the national political scene.

Oh, and the weather. So grateful. Aside from saving us from dripping and slipping on the marble floors of Congress it saved me from an infamous black shoe/brown trouser incident for which Cindy would never have forgiven me.


  1. thanks for all your hard work. Congrats, and thanks again for helping make this happen!

  2. I'm so very glad that you were there. You are an eloquent and effective spokesperson for parents and sufferers.


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