Let's keep the fresh theories coming

I believe we know enough about eating disorders to treat them far, far better than we currently are - if we were willing to apply what we know.

But I am also quite happy to take note of new hypotheses and directions:
Low serum BDNF and food intake regulation: A possible new explanation of the pathophysiology of eating disorders


  1. I find research on ED fascinating - only wish it could be interpreted into treatment more quickly. I found another interesting link on how exercise increased BDNF http://www.stanford.edu/group/hopes/treatmts/bdnf/b3.html Wonder if that's why so many of our kids are driven to exercise.

  2. All these lines of thinking are moving toward a more unified theory - and I'm so glad!!

  3. Really interesting hypothesis. All this new data recognizing that ED's may be MORE biologically derived than previously thought is interesting and, dare I say it, exciting. Think of what this could mean in terms of ED treatment?

    (I just wonder how many years it will take to get there?)

  4. Too long!

    My husband says I should learn to be more patient. But I worry about the PATIENTS!


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