What's up with the rabbit?

What a fascinating and strange news story: Computer Program Called Healing Rhythms Helps Battle Eating Disorders

Biofeedback is a well-established technology, and I'm intrigued to see it being used for eating disorder patients. But I get the feeling the writers must have just thrown this piece together for CBS in five minutes. The person interviewed didn't use the technology. The technology reporter talks about "anxiety-related anorexia".... is there some other type of anorexia? And what is up with the rabbit?


  1. Why didn't they ask her about the old fashioned way? It seems to have worked.
    I am all for biofeedback and any other added treatment, like meditation or other calming stuff, but do not feel it needs to be SOLD to us nor cost much at all.
    And I don't know what was up with the bunny...maybe someone has learned to shape shift with bio feedback? ; )

  2. UNC's eating disorder program uses "heart math," which is a similar biofeedback program and includes a handheld monitor to use/practice when patients aren't hooked up to the computer. It utilizes breathing in rhythm with a pre-established ratio of breaths in/out blinked out by lights on the device, which is activated by a patient's hands or when attached by a tether to an earlobe. Sessions with the recreation therapist establish baselines and help develop anxiety-management skills.

    It is only an augment to the program, but it can be used during observation periods after meals ... or during any period of stress. It's like a stress ball, only electronic and provides a lead to follow and feedback later.

    Eventually, patients can work toward not needing the prompt/tool but understanding how to better regulate physiological response/reactivity.

    My understanding is that they do more of it in the PHP/day program than on the inpatient unit.


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