Full text pre-press article on Maudsley now available on FEAST site

Wonderful news: Drs. le Grange and Eisler have given permission to publish a pre-press copy of their article: 'Family Interventions in Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa' on the F.E.A.S.T. website.

I asked the authors back in November if we could offer this paper on the FEAST site because it offers the most up-to-date data on Family-Based Maudsley therapy, as well as a concise history of how family has been regarded in eating disorder treatment. It also describes a newer adjunct, Multi-Family Groups.

I believe this article will be a really wonderful way for parents to introduce FBT/Maudsley to other family members, doctors, and clinicians open to learning about it.

It is also a balanced piece - neither holding FBT/Maudsley up as a silver bullet or a solution for all situations. Cautions and limitations are included.

F.E.A.S.T. is very grateful to the authors and publisher for their generosity and their work to help families and patients!


  1. O I do LOVE LeGrange and Eisler - such moderate considered men.

  2. This is fantastic- it's already been downloaded. Thanks to both Drs. LeGrange and Eisler, as well as Elsevier for making it available.


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