Too tired to speak

I am bone tired from Lobby Day and too disorganized to write about the FANTASTIC experience yet but since I was on the radio yesterday, I'll speak up that way today:


  1. I caught your show on 51% today while running errands. Last year our daughter dipped into the world of anorexia. Her counselor did not even see it happening - but I certainly did. We were able to turn her around before she was critical. In the short time you spoke you hit on so many issues, options, and feelings that really hit home. I have been trying to do more research while the problem is not dominating our lives. I know you were weary, but please rest well knowing that you reached another family that truly appreciates what you have been doing. Thank you. SO in Omaha

  2. SO,

    I can't tell you how happy that makes me. One family, one meal, one bite at a time!


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