"The bottom line is pleasure"

When a loved one gets anorexia or bulimia the topic of food can become painfully intense: tortured, really.

What IS normal? And how do we get there? I really REALLY like the work and philosophy about family eating that Ellyn Satter offers. To over-simplify what is very well-reasoned and scientifically based thinking I would say the major take-homes are: being confident as parents when it comes to meals, and: "the bottom line is pleasure."

Modern life, and an eating disorder in the family, really messed with both confidence and pleasure for our family. Regaining both has been an evolving process. Satter has helped!


  1. Getting back to the basics and being aware that we are incredibly lucky with the range of food and choices we have. Personally I can't beat having a home cooked meal with wine and conversation with good friends or just family. Food is such a festive occasion, not something to be rushed. But even a jaffle on an open campfire is rewarding.


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