How does that make you feel?

To treat an illness it is essential to be able to name and measure it. We find if very hard to believe in or understand an eating disorder - it is invisible to others, secrecy is a standard symptom, and even the patient struggles to understand his or her own thoughts and feelings.

We do not yet have biomarkers for the presence or severity of an eating disorder. But can it be far behind?

Study finds biomarker for depression

And in the recent past: OCD, Psychosis, Bipolar illness, PTSD.


  1. THANK YOU to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for raising millions of dollars to support research and helping to fund this study.

  2. I heard that BYU did a study with hair samples and anorexia. Would that count as a biomarker? I don't remember it very well or even if it was reliable...

  3. I believe the hair study measures malnutrition, but not the brain illness. It is better than what we have now (weight), but we really need to quantify mental symptoms better!


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