Fear of frying

For those of us who have seen our children develop odd and counterintuitive attitudes about food, a fascinating line of thought:


  1. So the nucleus accumbens land is the place where all this gets started.
    What then is the missing ingredient that might otherwise flip the switch back to balance in a healthier person?
    Can we use bio feedback or similar techniques to fight it? Like they use with some cancer patients...imagining the body fighting off the cancer cells? Along with support while someone helps them face the fear, and restores nutrients that might help recover?
    Can stress from the world burn it out?
    If they had a cure for ED's and other phobias would they give it to us? Or would they have to stop their research and find funding to research something else?

    Is something lacking in our diets or are there chemicals in their parents or the air destroying an integral function in the brain?
    And do they know why so many more people seem to have ED's than ever before?
    I'm curious.

  2. Mary-

    Those are good questions. I think cognitive techniques and biofeedback show great promise in that regards. CBT (in particular, exposure and response prevention in the treatment of OCD) has been shown to change patterns of brain functioning.

    Although I do have to say that is one of the most difficult to understand press releases I have ever read. The highlight was the music they played for the rats. Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

  3. I know Carrie, Iggy Pop, he he, it made me smile too. Kinda scary though, the idea that we can be manipulated like this. Oh man, if I switched my like for music all cause someone tricked me into thinking it was good,making it feel good, what would the kids be like? YIKES!
    I honestly think we need to find the most natural way possible to help heal this. We're talking of our brains and genetics here.We must be mindful of what we are tinkering with. I do understand that foods are chemicals too so maybe it's going to come down to specific foods being more helpful in aiding in the healing.
    We will see.

  4. Great questions, Mary. Those are the right questions.


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