Outstanding mothering

Sometimes a mom expresses the job of good parenting in breathtaking clarity, like this:

Coming to terms with my daughter's genetically programmed body size


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Laura. I know that I am facing the same thoughts as I watch my little girl start to change, and this change has included a marked change in her body type from one that resembles me to one that resembles my SIL. I can see genetics at work, but I still grieve the loss of my little girl for the woman she is becoming. I am also becoming increasingly concerned for the day when she notices this size difference. I know she is going to be a very tall, strong and solid girl and that is her genetically programmed body size - but I also know she may share my genetically programmed body issues, and how I am going to convince her that her size is perfect for her... only time will tell.

  2. Oh, yes! Thank you, "Kathy" for writing this, and thanks to Laura for posting it.


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