My own magic plate

So, having planned everything at the conference down to the last moment and detail (some of which went awry anyway, but not too painfully) imagine my surprise when they all did something not only without my knowledge but so very sweetly: they gave me a Magic Plate Award complete with a gorgeous and certainly magic Plate.

Which made me cry and look comical.

But very, deeply grateful.

You all are so wonderful!!!!


  1. Livestream worked for me to see this :) xx

  2. Livestream worked for me too for this bit! I did laugh about the Board doing "somthing without you, Laura". I am hoping the students caught your face on camera for that one! I also smiled at the way everyone had tissues at the ready for you.

    That picture is not good. You looked so pretty in that amazing dress. Wish the Livestreamers could have seen your shoes. Perhaps you could post a picture of them?

    As for being deeply grateful - I think the point of the award is that WE are all deeply grateful to YOU - not the other way round.

    Daft moo! xx

  3. Livestream worked for me for this too - it was so touching (and my eyes were a touch blurry too) and I forgot to look at your shoes! Please do post a picture. Loved the plate and the awarding of it and can't think of a more worthy recipient.

  4. I have to say how impressed I was at the level of *professionalism* in this first time conference.

    MY ONE quibble is a biggie. Laura hogged ALL of the danged tissues and left NONE for anyone else. Well, I think maybe Colleen managed to snag some. The REST of us were left snuffling into our clothing. I broght home 3 outfits with snot marks on necklines, sleeves, writs hems... we sounded like a kindergarten class in February! (or Aug! for those down under)


    Congratulations Laura.

  5. OK, BIG learning point for the next conference - tissues with the F.E.A.S.T. logo on them.


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