If you build it, they will come


Staggering, inexpressable experiences and emotions today.


  1. Rest well Laura and enjoy home. There's so much to do, so much to build on, but as Charlotte would say, first of all BREATHE

  2. You have done something amazing here. You are an amazing woman.

  3. Laura, I am totally in awe. I couldn't come - not in person - but you made it so that I could be present. It was, even from this distance and with the problems of technology (my computer blips, sounds systems that don't behave like a human ear) beyond all my expectations.

    There is so much to be done in this field, and yet, we know how hard it is to make anyone listen or to change - those engaged in the field, national health systems, the media, our friends and families. And here you are, taking the risk, setting up this Symposium, bringing people together to talk and to listen, to learn from each other and to move our common cause forward - we have all come because of you.

    If you can bring us, your battle weary troops, who believe that we have tried, that we have, maybe, done all we can in terms of our wider audience, back into line, understanding that this is not a lost battle, that there is work to be done, hope to hold onto, and that there is more to this than getting our own children out of the trenches, then you are doing something wonderful, and you have certainly done all that for me.

    Laura you are a visionary - your inclusive and welcoming stance has been, for me, the hallmark on this Symposium; you are building something great and something good.

  4. Although I couldn't access all of livestream, I did see you being awarded that lovely presentation at the end of the conference. It is soooo well deserved :) xxx


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