She dared me

Her daughter was researching the specifics of the hair loss expected with chemotherapy.

"Trust you to get a free Brazilian on the NHS, mum!"

To which another wag inquired "What do you do with the Brazilians once you have finished with them?"

Laugh, people. Much more therapeutic than crying.

(and if you don't get the above, it's just as well. DO NOT GOOGLE. Just giggle.)


  1. This has made me laugh, really laugh. Just hoping someone will come up with something witty to do with the Brazilians.....xx

  2. I reacted to your "DO NOT GOOGLE" instructions the same way the child in the song reacted to mommy's instructions not to put beans in her ears. But you know that would happen, right?

  3. Charlotte, I'm working on that now.


  4. Don't all the Brazilians get sent to Hollywood where they become Playboys?

  5. Something witty to do with the Brazilians afterwards.

  6. My dear, of course the *only* thing to do with a Brazilian is the Lambada!

  7. My daughter thinks its really cool that she is being blogged about. I laugh every time I read this and the other wag is enjoying it too.

    Here's to Christmas when I will be up for doing the Lambada in Hollywood without a wig (thanks Louie!)


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