Glad to know you, but maybe not me

Among the reasons it is a pain to be my friend:

  1. I never say "you look wonderful" even if you ARE wonderful.
  2. I'm uncomfortable when you compliment me on my appearance.
  3. I won't join you in discussing your diet.
  4. Conversations about bad foods and unhealthy foods are one-sided and I'm not talking.
  5. Fat jokes don't amuse.
  6. I am doing you a favor if I don't respond when you curl your lip over "the obesity epidemic."
  7. Commenting on people's lost or gained weight renders me mute.
  8. Doing so in front of my children will be treated like making a racist comment and I'll contradict you loudly and immediately and will not apologize later. Feel free to do so yourself.


  1. Well, I think you're brilliant. I am longing for the day when I can stand up in the lunch room and work and say 'no, anorexia is NOT caused by overbearing mothers' without feeling like I'll 'out' myself. Having to sit and endure conversations like that is excruciating.
    Thank goodness there are those out there who do not simply bite their tongues and walk away.

  2. So you act like you don't care about appearances so much because what people think of you is actually what this blog is all about.

  3. @Jean (above): it would seem as if you haven't read Laura's blog in much detail, or alternatively that you don't understand what her blog is about.

    Laura, would you be happy to discuss cats, growing sunflowers and NASA space flights with me? That would be much more fun than diets amd people's appearance :)

  4. Appearance is what lies at the surface, if you believe that this blog is all about appearance then you have not looked further than the surface so please keep reading.

    Laura I am prouder then ever to know you can call you a near and dear friend. I share your values and beliefs! Stephanie

  5. Bravo! Perhaps I like it because it reinforces my own thoughts ; )

  6. One of my most obnoxious moments was during the lunch break of some training with Rape Crisis in early 2010. Some of the ladies were discussing their weight/diets - saying things like "I've gained 10lbs since last summer and I just HAVE to lose it", "I gained 5lbs just over Christmas!" etc. So I chimed in with "Well I gained 40lbs last year and I intend to maintain every last pound".

    It's just no fun when you have a recovering anorexic on your lunch table :P

  7. I have to second pj and stephnie,
    Not only are you a kind, committed caring individual, you are a very talented writer who has the ability to put into words and actions what so many of us feel and experience.
    I m so grateful for Laura Collins, my friend..

  8. i'm so glad to know that i'm not the only one who does this! great way to put it

  9. I learn from you every day, Laura.

  10. Laura, I posted a response 2 days ago. Did it get lost?

  11. At the start of conversations about diets and weight I have been known to draw myself up to full height and say "Haven't you anything more interesting to talk about, other than insecurities? NEXT....". To people I like, I just change the subject. Nobody talks about diets or weight with me anymore.....

  12. I always manage to shut down these types of conversations and make people feel awkward when these subjects come up -- it's getting to the point now where I no longer feel stressed out when I do it! I love seeing people's faces when the status quo is questioned...and you, Laura, taught me that not only was it ok to do this, but that is was important to do so.

  13. People always compliment me on how skinny I am and I absolutely hate it. First of all, because being skinny is not all it's cracked up to be and second of all, because they always say that in this way that I can tell they're wishing it was them as skinny as me. It makes me feel so uncomfortable.


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