When I grow up, I'll go for flamenco

Okay, so I stick to tap dancing because it's hard enough to organize myself below the ankles - but if I were to take up another form it would be Flamenco. A gorgeous link shared by one of my dance class friends:

Iron and Wine - "Boy with a Coin"


  1. Ooh, Iron and Wine is one of my favourite...um, people! I saw him live a couple of months ago, he has a beautiful voice. My boyfriend was very impressed with his beard, I had a job talking him out of growing one himself. Flamenco dancing is lovely too :)

  2. I LOVE flamenco; so beautiful - much prefer watching the dancing to watching the beard in this particular clip! I love the rhythm and the drama, the music and the movement. I shall never forget a flamenco night at our local Spanish restaurant when one of the dancers insisted that my (then 18 year old) son join them because she thought he had some "gypsy" in his looks - the embarrassment quotient, his and hers both, was off the scale as it turned out he had inherited zero gypsy dancing genes. Wonderful to behold anyway. Thanks for the uplift in my day.

  3. Very sensual. Thanks for sharing.


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