No sex in the summer!

Well, now we know how to prevent eating disorders: let's re-name the months in the spring!

Spring Babies Face Anorexia Risk

Seriously, this is an important reminder that environment is more than just the thoughts and ideas and upbringing - and that we really just don't know what causes eating disorders. There are many mysteries to examine.


  1. Oh dear, clearly my doctor's got the wrong end of the stick when they were diagnosing me - I'm a September baby ;) So how about we just stop having kids altogether? That would prevent eating disorders...eventually.

  2. Ah so now we know! Could the kind people explain why my daughters are the wrong way round, the one born in the winter has the ED the one born (just) in Spring doesn't? I guess there are always exceptions. Seriously, the next step surely is to examine the figures for Australasia in exactly the same manner to see whether it is simply the season that makes the difference.
    While the cause (and even the nature) of EDs is still so unknown we are left with early intervention as the most important arrow in our bow. This piece deals with VERY early intervention in general mental health, at once so obvious as to be almost silly, and really hopeful that early interventions might one day help thousands of babies avoid later difficulties

  3. Good thinking, Katie. No sex. At all. That'll fix us! ;)

    Marcella - great link. I'm sure people WILL think that stopping the crying will fix the risk. Sigh. Sob. (and thank you, I've added that link to the post.)

  4. There have actually been studies done down here regarding season of birth. From memory, however there was no significant difference throughout the year - but then if Vit D levels are thought to be one of the culprits this would be expected given our lovely weather all year 'round :)

  5. i read a study last summer (don't have the link) that first born girls are more likely to have EDs as well.
    well crap.
    i'm an only child.
    i am female.
    i was born at the beginning of june.
    no WONDER i had bulimia.


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