Virginia Currents on PBS, segment on F.E.A.S.T.

It is completely freaky to watch myself on T.V., but I did, last week. I went down to Richmond to tape a segment at WCVW PBS on Wednesday and then on Thursday night sat with my son and husband and mother-in-law and saw it air. Gulp!

Being in a field where appearance is a taboo topic - for good reason - is it okay to admit that I struggled a lot with how much I hoped I wouldn't "look" weird and how much I wished I didn't think about it and how it didn't matter and then - on seeing it - how relieved I was that my hair cooperated and I'd chosen appropriate colors (thanks to my Facebook coaches who even had tips on my underthings!) and my worst fears were naught. I found it really interesting to see how the set I had been sitting in translated to the tape - and how having seen the interviewer on T.V. before meeting her made her feel so familiar when we sat on the set. But there isn't anything natural about being in a big dark room on a little stage with three cameras and a director and lots of pressure to think quick and seem relaxed!

Lee told me afterward that I did a good job and seemed at ease. I told her I quelled my nervousness by focusing on all the parents out there who want someone to speak up for them. I certainly couldn't go through all this tsores to sell soap or raffle tickets! But I'm also enjoying the feeling that I faced my fears and had this experience. The best part, though? My son's reaction. "You mean on real T.V.?" To which someone there said, "Just PBS."

Trust my family to "keep it real."

Enjoy: Virginia Currents start at 15:35 minutes

**P.S. PBS *is* real T.V.!


  1. Ooh, go Laura :) This might be a bit weird of me but you have such a nice voice! I love the accent. I thought you came across really well, and it was interesting to put a voice (and moving face - photographs are never the best representation of a person!) to the online persona.

  2. Laura, you looked and sounded great! The message came through clearly and calmly. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Great job, Laura! As my mother would say, you used your "proper telephone voice" the entire time! And sat up straight!

    I really appreciate the strong message of hope. Wonderful presentation altogether.

  4. Wonderful!
    You displayed such assurance about the direction that treatment theory is going and about the ability of people to recover fully. It was refreshing and convincing.

    And yes, you looked terrific!

  5. I agree Laura, you project intelligence, confidence and caring..exactly who you amazing women who not only saved her own child but soooo any others with your mission to create a site of support and hero!


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