Medical transference

Odd thing:

To avoid getting freaked out by watching Alien with the guys in the living room I ended up watching House in the den... which is much more graphic and disturbing and yet, totally acceptable.


  1. I'm the other way around. I LOVE House, but it can actually give me panic attacks. I watch it for the human interest side and I am not in the slightest bit squeamish usually, but I do run into trouble if I start identifying too strongly with the patient - having had medical emergencies myself I find it too easy to put myself in their place sometimes. However, when it comes to gross-out, ridiculously overblown gore like in horror/thriller/sci-fi films, I'm fine. No identification = no reaction.

    This doesn't actually stop me from watching House, of course.

  2. Not to mention that House, Chase, and Wilson are *much* better looking than the folks in Alien. ;)

    I can't stand suspenseful movies. I can handle violence and gore and medical stuff, but suspense? Count me out. My anxiety is high enough without any help from Hollywood, thanks.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with HOUSE. Love the humor and quick wit! Both love and hate the fact that everyone at some point will be diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, and treated for conditions never confirmed.

  4. I watched a rerun last week called "Control." It was so freaky seeing his bedside manner when he was treating a women with bulimia.


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