Well fed, tweeted, and only a little poorer

Observations from Renfrew conference:
  • Who knew? Best Food At An Eating Disorder Conference: Renfrew Foundation, no contest
  • Honored: our presentation was live-Tweeted by Nancy Matsumoto in the second row.
  • Physics of sound: How could the quietest night I've ever spent in a hotel be at an airport?
  • No joke: I've never heard so much laughter at any conference. With, not at, by the way.
  • Dress code: Elegant, draping, black.
  • Seating plan error: who seated me at Speaker's Dinner with Craig Johnson, Amy Baker Dennis, Judy Banker, Michael Levine, Cindy Bulik, Michael Strober, and Leigh Cohn? Like the front row at the Oscars! Some administrative assistant may lose their job, though, so I owe them.
  • The answer I failed to give: "Parents don't need to be liked. They need their kids to get better."
  • The slide that caused the most conversation:

  • Ethics are expensive: Had to turn down free beer AND dinner because F.E.A.S.T. doesn't accept contributions from treatment providers - even friends. But THANK YOU, anyway!
  • Could someone please go back in time and tell little feminist warrior Laura that some day she'll be on the same program (different day, page, and font) as Gloria Steinem? She'll faint. Her big hair will break the fall.
  • The best moment: When the first male eating disorder professional to "come out" to colleagues as a former sufferer described the experience, only an hour later, at dinner. Yes, the first. Appropriate for a feminist event, no?
  • Amusement for everyone on I-95 Sunday morning: a middle-aged broad ruining her car speakers and going hoarse with very loud and often very bad music all the way home.
  • Waiting at home: my adorable daughter home for the weekend to hang out with her little brother while both parents out of town. We watched really bad romantic comedies and gabbed all the way through them. Said little brother ignored us. Good times!


  1. I can feel your excitement from here. Great, great news that it went so well - and I'm glad they fed you well too. Thanks for putting the answer into print - I'm not sure I'll ever dare to use it but I intend to.

  2. Awesome! Sounds like you had a great time -- thank you for all you do!

  3. Would love to hear the conversations that slide generated!!


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