Groove back?

My friend, Jeanine, has read my mind and done some necessary repairs while she was in there:
Work Less and Focus More on What Matters to You. This isn't just "don't worry be happy" nonsense, this is practical stuff.

I do allow far more on my "to-do" list - work, family, household, relationships - every day than can possibly get done and I tend to feel like I've messed up most days because I didn't "finish." I work hard all day and feel bad about it -- whose fault is that? It is harshing my mellow. It's taking my groove away. It's sending me into 80s cliche phrases!

I happen to know I'm not the only one with this problem. In fact, I bet a lot of people reading this do the same darn thing. But we're on the rodent wheel and don't know how to get off. Jeanine's got some real ideas on how. It is important every once in a while to ask why I think I'm so special that MY to-to list can't be shortened. There's an egoism there than needs examination.

Today I resolve to say "no" more, and say "yes" more, delegate more, and instead of prioritize: just decide.

I'm having lunch with my best friend, and I'm going to do work I feel good about instead of feeling bad about the work I could not have done.


  1. Love the article, but love the expression 'harshing my mellow' even more; I don't think that particular 80's cliché ever made it to this part of the world - it has now!

    Erica (B)

  2. Love it!
    Need my sleep ... everything else is better, easier, & faster with it!


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