We woke up this morning to find our car doors ajar. Change drawer overturned, glove box open.

Creepy. Of course, we should not have left the cars unlocked. That was DUMB. We'd been warned, as this has become more and more common in our little town. We just got lazy. Well, THAT won't happen again.

I've mentioned the Stinkbugs. But this is worse.


  1. Oh Laura. How sad that you should need to learn this lesson and what a horrible violation. I have been burgled twice, once I lost a much loved gold watch from beside my bed while I was asleep (next to it); I too felt stupid and careless for having left something precious in view while trying to rise above feeling sick to my stomach at the thought of an unknown intruder in my home threatening all that had felt safe. These assaults are so much worse than those of the stinkbugs. You weren't lazy, just trusting and it is a shame that you now have cause not to be.

    Erica B

  2. Oh, Erica! I am chilled to the bone to think of that happening to you. That's, that's - I have no words.

    Our little amateur burgling is nothing at all, barely personal, in contrast.

    How different some among us must be, to do that.

  3. Doesn't that leave you feeling uneasy?

    It's funny. When I was living with my parents - in high school - in a really nice neighborhood, I used to leave my car unlocked and I had a pair of vintage rollerblades stolen out of it... I also had things stolen out of my car whilst living on an Air Force base.

    Now I live in "the most dangerous city in the United States" right across from a park and have never had my car vandalized or broken into. Nothing was even stolen when I accidentally left it unlocked once...

  4. Really sorry to hear about this Laura... It is very creepy when these things happen...


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