Author seeks Family-based Maudsley success stories

Becky Henry, of Hope Network, is working on a book about recovery and she's looking for some Family-Based success stories to include along with other narratives she has collected of caregivers and patients. She is using pseudonyms, so your privacy will be protected.

If any of the following apply, please contact Becky - she is a lovely lady and a parent who "gets it" who is working to support families and the eating disorder world with better information.

Getting the range of stories out there - especially positive outcomes based on newer thinking - is so important. One of the things F.E.A.S.T. can do so well is broaden the conversation out there on what helps, what works, and how it affects us!

1) The family of a male patient
2) A family with a younger patient (under 12)
3) Family of an older patient with bulimia

Contact Becky at: for more information. She's on deadline, so please act soon if you are willing.

I would be so grateful if you would consider this!


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