Thanking those who make our Mother's Days happen

This is a wonderful day to celebrate the people who make it possible for mothers to BE mothers to their children on Mother's Day and all year:

To the therapists who take to heart "Family-Based" Maudsley therapy and empower mothers to take steps to protect and support their dear children.

The nutritionists who welcome parents into the room and into help us understand what exactly is "about the food."

The physicians who look into our suffering children's eyes and say "Your mother loves you and I trust her to help you."

The insurance administrators who recognize the parent's role with an eating disorder is little different than with any other grave illness.

The teachers and school staff who offer to provide meal and emotional support at school, making one more safe place for recovery.

The website operators who agree to edit their content to remove parent-blaming language.

The grandmothers and grandfathers who set aside their doubts and learn a new way of supporting their grandchildren.

The friends who do more than nod. Who bring tissues and casseroles, read what we give them, and truly listen.

And of course, with special honors, the husbands and exes who step up without judgment and learn how to help mom be mom in one of the hardest times of their lives.


  1. Laura,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    You have said it all!


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