I'm going to Lobby Day - are you?

I volunteer for the Eating Disorders Coalition because I want Congress to know that parents have a stake in legislation about and impacting on eating disorders. I join Lobby Day because I know that each person who shows up represents others and by NOT being there I'm making a statement. I serve as Team Leader for Virginia because I want those who come out for Lobby Day to have the best experience possible.

Lobby Day is a non-partisan event where all those with an interest in eating disorders get their say with their own representatives. We visit 4-5 offices, by appointment, and as a team. Each person has a chance to speak, but noone stands alone. Over the two days of the event everyone gets a chance to meet others from around the country, learn about the legislative system, and walk the historic halls of Congress to be part of that system's responsiveness to individual citizens. At the end of the second day all are invited to a Congressional Briefing attended by Congressional staff and featuring speakers that never fail to inspire and move the audience to a better understanding of eating disorders.

I'd very much like to see more parents attend this event. I've done Lobby Day with my daughter, and I always enjoy seeing family members come together to share this experience. I have a gold fork for you if you attend!

Eating Disorders Coaltion First Lobby Day of 2010

We need you!


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