Mama's got a brand new blog!

I'm delighted to announce that I have a new blog, over at Healthy Place. HP is a mental health site with a broad audience and I've very excited to be invited to join their blog team. I believe it is a sign of the increasing collaboration between fields and also a vote of confidence for the parental point of view.

I'll still post here on this blog, but probably not as often. When I do post over there I will create a link here, so you won't miss anything. I hope you'll subscribe to the HP blog and keep on offering your comments and suggestions.

My first post is, predictably, about blogging:
Why Blogging Improves My Mental Health


  1. I think you are needed at that site, since a quick glance at their info on eating disorders indicates that they buy into the "traditional causes" of eating disorders, i.e. major life transitions; family patterns and problems; social problems; failure at school, work or competitive events; a traumatic event. (list taken from the article "The many causes of eating disorders" featured on the first page of their section on Eds.

    Good luck!

  2. I am very much hoping to have an influence on that!!


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