Mind the gap!

Arrived London after an overnight flight and the good fortune of an empty seat next to mine and something akin to, if not exactly, sleep.

Took tube to Kensington and waiting now for early check in at hotel.

I forget how much I love flying and adore cities, and public transportation, and being able (with the benefit of a passport and sufficient cash) to go to another country at will. Yesterday I was in a small town in rural Virginia, today I'm eavesdropping on Malaysians and I've been called "Love" twice before breakfast.

Time to read a bit and take it all in before I get to get in a nap before the events of the day!
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  1. Get ready to be called Dear, Miss and Hun too! Have a wonderful trip Laura!

  2. Have a fantastic trip, Laura! Thanks for your post and please update us, if you can, as events unfold.

  3. Oh, I love 'mind the gap'. It's all over Ireland too and I think it's charming.

  4. Oh I fondly remember "Mind the gap."
    I was one of the first things D said to me when she got back from her trip to Britain before ED came to visit.
    So "Mind the gap." Who knows where it leads!


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