NEDA's message about the Obama child health initiative

For parents looking for a way to influence this issue, an alert from NEDA:


Dear Friends of NEDA,

Michelle Obama has announced that combating childhood obesity will be one of her primary missions as First Lady. As such, she has established a task force comprised of representatives from numerous government agencies. This task force has 90 days to make recommendations on the following goals:

(a) ensuring access to healthy, affordable food;
(b) increasing physical activity in schools and communities;
(c) providing healthier food in schools; and
(d) empowering parents with information and tools to make good choices for themselves and their families

The task force is seeking feedback from the community to assist them in this significant endeavor. This is our chance to ensure that eating disorders are heard! They are accepting public comments.

NEDA urges you to write to the task force today to educate them about the dangers of misinformed obesity prevention, to encourage programs that promote healthy behaviors and body satisfaction, and which incorporate the emotional aspects of eating and body image.

Click here for facts about the need for eating disorder informed obesity interventions. Click here for the Academy for Eating Disorders Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs. Click here for an article written by expert, Kathy Kater, on the dangers of misinformed "obesity prevention." These resources may be helpful to augment your comments.

To submit your comments to the task force, and for more information about the obestiy initiative, please visit

Please contact and let us know you submitted a comment!


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