Work-life balance

I was snowed in!

I scheduled a week in the lake cabin of a friend of a friend intending to get some time entirely alone and without distraction to really finish two books I'm writing. No responsibilities, no phone, no Internet....

But who knew I'd wake up to our first AND ONLY blizzard of the year? So I was snowed in and couldn't even tell my family that I was all right or that the address they had for me was wrong should they come try to rescue me or that I was 1/3 mile down a hill that wasn't that easy to drive on when dry.

I did finally get word out, and my family got to me with shovels and a pair of gloves and a dog to protect me from the Mountain Man who - because his was the only occupied house I could find - now knew that I was entirely alone with him on the lake...

Anyway, I returned to just under 900 emails (includes all the posts and registrations for the ATDT forum) and a lot of new friends following recent interviews in the Post and the Times. Between that and the recent death of a patient on the forum, a recent rash of mischief on the forum, the upcoming incorporation of F.E.A.S.T., and the fact that the ATDT forum has been down for the better part of two days - if I haven't returned your call or email it is not a personal slight nor have you been forgotten. I'm digging my way out, and when I do get out I am going to seriously reconsider my work/life balance in light of the fact that I am, technically, unemployed.

I'm not complaining. I love my life and my work. But be careful what you wish for, because when it arrives you may be snowed in for a while and should have brought proper boots and mittens!


  1. I totally 'hear you' with the life/work balance...and of course you have to eat (!!) so making a living is essential.

    I hope you enjoyed your little Waldenesque time alone. We all need quiet time to regroup, reconsider and reprioritize on a regular basis.

  2. Thank you Laura. I'll give you some digging time before I write you back. What an exciting adventure it turned out to be. Hope you got some writing done! And didn't have to harm the mountain man.

  3. Deliverance 2009!

    Glad you got out. Interesting analogy, being snowed in and digging your way out and returning to cyber space, ATDT forum crash, and digging your way through the 900 emails!

    Unemployment allows time for creative thinking, but it doesn't put B&B on the table. I do think you deserve to be paid for the work you do for F.E.A.S.T-ED.

    "Be careful what you wish for".
    I remember those exact words when our d was diagnosed with AN. What had I wished for prior to her diagnosis....."I need a change, something different".
    Be specific for what you wish for!


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