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I'm a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders, and a proud one. I applaud the growing professionalism of eating disorder clinicians and researchers and the way the AED promotes evidence-based practice. I pass the following on for parents who might want to contribute to getting clinicians to upcoming AED international conferences, like the one in April in Mexico (F.E.A.S.T. will be an exhibitor there this year!):
You Can Help!

Around the world, many people with eating disorders struggle to find the treatment they so much need and deserve. One important reason for this is a shortage of trained, informed clinicians to provide that treatment.

You can help by sending a donation (however big or small) to the AED Clinician Scholarship Fund.

Each year the AED hosts a conference which provides a wonderful mix of up-to-date research perspectives, best-practice treatment options and access to many of the best minds working in the field today. Making it possible for clinicians from other countries and under-represented groups to get to this conference is a practical and cost-effective way to increase the chances that people with eating disorders will be able to find effective treatment.

Your donation will help make it possible for clinicians such as Sebastian Soneira to gain the skills and information they need to provide caring and professional treatment for people with eating disorders. For information:


This year I had the wonderful news that the AED had granted
me the Clinician Scholarship. For me it was a unique experience since it was the first time I attend to a congress outside Argentina and it wouldn’t have been possible without the scholarship help. I enjoyed every hour of the conference since I had the chance to know face to face many experts and to
exchange experiences with other colleagues from around the world. Additionally, I was accepted as a member of the advocacy committee and I joined two special interests groups.
Back in Argentina I organized a special session at the
center to share the experience and knowledge I acquired with my colleagues. I’m in touch with many people I met at the conference and I guess this is one of the great benefits of belonging to an organization with world wide members such as
the AED. It its highly motivating and inspiring to receive such an award and I guess this kind of things are the ones that assure you that you are on the right path and justify the efforts made to pursuit professional excellence.

Many Thanks! Sebastian Soneira, MD
Buenos Aires--Argentina


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