28 Days

This is good. This is REALLY good. I've wanted something like this for a long time - a clear and unequivocal reference for the necessity of full weight restoration as a treatment in itself.

The slippery slope: prediction of successful weight maintenance in anorexia nervosa.

In describing the findings, Professor Steven Touyz said (in a video lecture filled with very important and interesting information about the history and present state of eating disorder scholarship)

"What predicts good outcome?

Those patients who were able to get back to a normal healthy body weight and stay there for at least 28 days had a much better chance of getting over the illness than those who even lost even a few grams after they got there. They argued very strongly that we shouldn't end treatment when patients get to their goal weight. It is absolutely imperative that we continue to treat after that. Because if you start to lose weight once you've gained it, the chances of going down what they call the slippery slope are huge."

There is no question what this means for us, the families. Full weight restoration and a zero tolerance for weight loss from first diagnosis. It is time for parents to demand this as a treatment goal from the very first day of diagnosis - and to do whatever it takes to achieve it.


  1. That makes a lot of sense. Kind of like the movie "28 days" with Sandra Bullock, I believe.


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