Coming out

I have raccoon eyes. You know when you wear mascara and it drifts south?

Since 2004, when my book came out, I've been on a rampage. I've forced myself on countless interviewers, spoken in more cities than I can count. I've done lots of radio interviews and harangued Newsweek and 20/20 and the Wall Street Journal and countless parents and clinicians and journalists and curious people about our family's experience.

But until this week I have not talked about our experience with bad treatment and the new science here in my own community.

I just got back from an invitation to present on eating disorders and FEAST at a local mental health organization. The board was interested and asked great questions and they thanked our family. They thanked our family. After seven years of resenting and silence and talking to anyone but them... they thanked our family.

I should buy better mascara.


  1. I know how much this means to you!
    You deserved that thank you. Keep telling your story. Keep telling.

  2. THAT has got to be the most healing medicine for you!

  3. Wow - that's awesome. My eyes are usually panda eyes whenever I speak to or even mention our local team so I sympathise, but so glad that it went well and that they have been professional enough to learn.


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