"the same service as those with suspected cancer"

It should not take an unnecessary death to change health policy, but it often does.

A victim should not have to be brilliant, beautiful, talented and score "four straight As" to move the public to change.

It should not take parents cruelly and unfairly left with a "burden of guilt" to move society to sympathy.

But this is exactly the level of urgency and we should hope for: "People with suspected eating disorders will get the same service as those with suspected cancer."


  1. I very much hope that this "two week rule" process works and is used. It does lead me to wonder what will happen to those who ARE diagnosed with an ed (and it will be a LOT more than the 5% of suspected cancer sufferers who are diagnosed) as the resources for treatment of eds are scarce and even those who are in receipt of them are sometimes failed http://www.hampshirechronicle.co.uk/news/southamptonnews/4081741.Health_bosses_to_investigate_the_death_of_anorexia_sufferer_Alice_Rae_/ but, yes, it is a start, and ANY good that comes out of Charlotte's death must be applauded.


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