Okay, this is impossibly self-involved, but I just happened to check out Amazon's concordance stats on my book. (And yes, any author who tells you they don't check their Amazon ratings every once in a while is lying.)

I didn't know "ing" was a word. I'm glad to see "eating" and "Olympia" get top billing. Surprised calories didn't make the top 100. Glad to see more verbs than adjectives, but sorry to see how much I use "should." Our family therapist wanted me to lose that word from my vocabulary, so I hope he doesn't see that!


  1. Lol, Laura, I didn't know about the concordance thing on I like the words that pop up BIG in your book...and they ARE the big words...daughter, eating, food, family, parents, people, time...all important key words in this struggle. Note that they are all positive words! Not "Food police, controlling, dysfunction," etc.

    And as a fellow author, you are so right about Amazon...when my own book first came out, I loved being able to see my instantaneous ranking. I checked my self-esteem several times a day.


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