I take it back, S.K.!

When I was a kid, probably 4th or 5th grade, S.K. called me a half-breed as he passed me walking home from Crocker Farm elementary school. I knew what I had to do. I turned to my best friend Paul B. for his sturdy metal Batman lunchbox, overtook the offender, swung with terrified but righteous indignation, and fled to cower in the basement until my mother got home.

S.K. got stitches and a crush on me. Neighborhood T.V. tag was never the same.

I'm sorry about the scar, S.K. Had it happened in 2009 I would be labelled a violent offender and referred for anger management class. And had you said it today I could just say "Thank you!"

How could I have known that being an American "mulatto" born in 1961 would someday be a presidential quality?


  1. My weapon of choice was a metal top and it was my younger and spoiled sister who got clocked on the head. Must be a necessary quality for girls to become strong women, to stand up for themselves against evil when we were young kids. (yes, my sister was devious) I never look at an old fashioned spinning top without being reminded of my crime.

    "How could I have known that being an American "mulatto" born in 1961 would someday be a presidential quality?"
    Of course it was a possibility! We simply had to wait till he grew up.
    Were you planning on running? ;)

  2. Hey Laura, have your feet touched the ground yet?

  3. No on BOTH counts: running for office OR feet on ground!

    How're you holding up?

  4. here's to the misfits, the quirky ones, the "skinny kids with funny names" who think and dream and hope & dare.

    and let's never again underestimate the power of "community organizers" (& that includes online community organizers :) )

  5. I went to the inauguration and was in awe of the feeling of unity in DC. Monday was especially amazing as hordes of us walked the mall in anticipation. I have never felt so lovingly connected to so many strangers. I would sit down on a bench and the person next to me would immediately start up a conversation with me. This happened over and over again. We shared our stories and our hopes for the future. I never thought I'd see the day when someone who looked like Obama became president; I've never been so happy to be wrong!


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