Why no one has heard of Maudsley and how you can help

When parents first hear about family-based Maudsley care for eating disorders they often ask "Why didn't anyone tell us about this?"

Despite the fact that family based care has decades of data behind it, is evidence-based, and is recommended by the leading experts as the first line of care for adolescents living at home, FBT/Maudsley is still rarely discussed in the media. One reason is that media outlets need actual people to interview. They need to put the face to the story.

Recently, I have talked to producers at two networks who want to cover this story. One needed coverage that I feared would be exploitive and sensationalist. This week, however, I spoke with producers at a PBS show that want to include FBT/Maudsley in a look at evidence-based treatment on the show Keeping Kids Healthy on WNET in New York.

The producers need a family who will do an on camera interview to discuss their experience. They are looking for people in the Tri-State area, but so far have not found one. Their deadline is coming up in the next two weeks. This is a rare opportunity to make sure Maudsley is included in ED coverage. To see an example of the producer's approach and sensitivity: http://www.keepingkidshealthy.org/topics/bipolar-disorder-in-children/ and http://www.keepingkidshealthy.org/topics/clinical-depression-in-children/

No family should feel an obligation to change the media. Our family, for example, has chosen not to do this kind of interview.

I hear frequently that just learning about Maudsley set a family in a whole new direction and "saved my child's life." A show like this will save lives.

Please, please contact me if you or someone you know might be willing to talk with these producers. I would consider it a personal favor.


  1. Wish I could help with this but our story wasn't true to Maudsley as I hadn't even heard of it.
    Are you sure that you wouldn't want to share your journey using Maudsley, Laura? I mean you practically wrote the book...oh yea, you did write one.
    Maybe Olympia is ready, maybe not. Maybe they could hire actors to play the parts? Remember a tv movie called Lorenzo's Oil? I was quite impressed with the message of that particular movie.

    Have you ever been interested in writing screen plays or scripts?

    Just tossing out ideas and ways to get this message to an even wider audience. More people turn on their tubes than they might a computer.

  2. Mary you must be psychic - I'm working on a documentary project right now!

  3. I happen to know you can do it and have the understanding and compassion to do it right.
    You've already made a HUGE difference for so many yet you are far from finished.(that's my reading for your future)

  4. Mary I dare say you've been fighting the good fight as long and as hard as I ever have - boy am I glad to have you on my side!


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