It's not about the food

It's not about the food... unless you're not eating.

Tasting Rachael Ray is a happy, joy-filled, reminder that eating can be fun!

Warning: lower your audio first if you are in public, otherwise people are going to think you're watching another type of inspiration altogether!


  1. And just what type of inspiration would that be, Laura? (you naughty girl).

    Loved the clip. It's a reminder of how we should all enjoy food.

  2. Thanks so much for your's been really helpful. You are very resourceful which makes me want to ask you if you have any knowledge on how people without health insurance can get treatment for their ED's? I am at a total loss..

  3. TTC,

    Even with insurance coverage it is hard to secure good care. My advice is to find a trusted loved one who can help you research and interview treatment options. Many larger centers have foundations and scholarships. Some clinicians will make payment plans.

    The biggest thing is to get good care, and that is very hard to evaluate when you are as ill as you are. Trust someone to take over some of the burden. You deserve to be well.


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