Man bites dog. Anorexic bites burger. Stop the presses!

In between banging your head on your desk in frustration about understanding eating disorders, finding treatment, and doing the hard work of supporting a loved one through an eating disorder let me offer this reassurance that you are not imagining that the media is against you:

"Articles primarily covered those who are female, young and white, and mentioned mainly environmental causal factors. Only 8% of patient profiles discussed treatment and recovery within a medical context."

Most popular media about eating disorders is distorted, sensationalist, and just plain wrong.

Write letters to editors: they listen. Write letters to writers: they are looking for stories that buck trends. Write your story and go to the media with it.

Man bites dog is a story. Anorexic bites burger is a story too!

Thank you to SK O'hara and KC Smith at Johns Hopkins for their work!


  1. Laura,

    Know any names of writers/editors? I'd be willing to set some misconceptions straight. ;)

  2. Hi Laura,

    Interesting post with interesting information about eating disorders.


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