This message has nothing to do with EDs

This article has nothing to do with eating disorders: "Mixed-handedness an indicator of PTSD susceptibility"

Or does it?

One brain reacts to a war zone with PTSD. Another can witness horrific events without a blip. Is it weakness? Lack of training? Culture? Morality?

I'm sorry, but I think we underestimate the uniqueness of each brain. It probably isn't any more a matter of strength (or good parenting) whether you get a mental illness than it is what day of the month it is.

Some of us have brains that will employ depression as a reaction to life-threatening stressors. Some are tuned to turn on depression for no reason at all.

Anxiety can be a reaction to boredom, or to a horrific experience.

When we concentrate on the events, and not the reactions, we miss the opportunities to truly help.


  1. Interesting. I just read a good article about mirrors that touched on the relationship anorexics may have with them:


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