Give blood - find a cure?

We don't really believe in things we can't see, measure, and compare. Example: mental illness.

Until we can measure it we can't diagnose, treat, or understand it properly.

Impossible? Well, I think we are getting closer.

I take heart in learning that panic disorder can now be diagnosed with a blood test.

Quietly, the world of genetics research is changing how we understand disease. A French firm says it can identify those with and without Alzheimer's with a fair degree of accuracy. Genetic testing has also identified four possible types of schizophrenia. And a smell test for schizophrenia may soon help with diagnosis. Another test - this one is behavioral - showing promise is used to distinguish even at the age of 3 or 4 who is most likely to develop schizophrenia or bipolar illness.

No more "how are you feeling on a scale of 1-10." An end to the "you don't look sick."

It is time to use biomarkers, as an MIT/Harvard researcher says, to "turn it into a rational science." Amen.

What can you do? Give blood. The National Institute of Mental Health is sponsoring a study that will probably change the way science - and the public - see eating disorders.


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