Facing, flaunting, flirting with the word "fat"

If you don't smile and cheer during this YouTube video: check your pulse.

Tonic for the fat-phobic, this isn't a rant - it is a manifesto for authentic living.

Thank you, Carrie, for turning me on to this!


  1. Laura and Carrie, OMG that is the absolute best testament to authentic living that I have seen. I am at my moms house and we were watching this and could'nt stop lol. Can we hire her to come in for that presentation we have in the works?

  2. This woman is a firecracker! Hearing her makes all the silly things we think seem absolutely insane, and definitely not as fun as her attitude! I would party with her any day!

  3. That was fabulous and I think she's a sensible smart beautiful woman. But why can't I bring myself to send the link to my friends who are "overweight"? I don't want them to think I think of them as 'fat'. I don't. I think they would cheer for Joy as I did but I fear they will be insulted if I send them a 'fat' video.

  4. She needs to lose 50 lbs.

  5. Let me clarify that a bit. It is very possible she did not get that job because she is fat, very LIKELY that guy will be less interested in her because she is fat. She is less likely to do a lot of excercising because she is fat. I'm not saying fat people shouldn't be able to have clothes that fit, but her attitude is a cop out, just like saying "so what if I'm a bigot, or homeless, or a bitch". You can't just say "screw it, so I'm fat". You have to work on FIXING it, because it is NOT okay. It isn't healthy. Even if you excercise and eat right, it just isn't healthy... and it is uncomfortable for youself, and it DOES lessen your oppportunities in the world as it is now.

    And just so you know... I'M FAT

  6. Anon,

    I'm glad you wrote. Obviously the video got you thinking, which is the point.

    But I think you missed the point of the video. Weight isn't the choice you seem to think it is. Weight is mostly genetic, so trying to monkey around with it through diet and exercise won't work and actually tells the body to store MORE energy for the famines it keeps encountering.

    And higher weights are not a cause of ill health - that is a well-financed myth. You can be healthy at high weights and unhealthy at low weights.

    Watch the video again and try to hear it without fighting each point. Hear her.

    And check out Sandy Szwarc's blog - you may find a lot of interest there.

    Maybe you'll see that there isn't something wrong with you, just in our society's thinking. And that can be fixed!


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